Brigstowe's BigGive Christmas Challenge

Brigstowe's BigGive Christmas Challenge
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Posted By: Dave Johnson
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Date Posted: Thu, 10 Nov 2022

This year, Brigstowe are taking part in the Big Give, which runs the UK's biggest match funding campaign, the Christmas Challenge. We are extremely excited to be taking part in the challenge alongside 954 other charities. 
Support us and your donation will be doubled!
Why to give:
Through participating in this campaign, we aim to secure £4,000 in donations to go towards our Migrant and Asylum Support Service. Our Migrant and Asylum Support Service supports up to 25 HIV positive refugees, asylum seekers and victims of trafficking each year. These are our most vulnerable clients and with the rising cost of living they will need the most support this winter. 
Your donation will be doubled! There's no better time to support us. We have already raised £2,000 in match funding, which will be released as soon as we hit our £4,000 campaign target. 
When to give:
The campaign goes live on Tuesday 29th November at Midday and closes on Tuesday 6th December at Midday. Set a reminder in your phone or make a note in your diary! We will be posting updates about the campaign across our social media platforms so please do follow us and look out for #christmaschallenge22 
Where to give:
To kindly support us please follow this link to make a donation when our campaign goes live:
With your help we can raise £4,000, which will make a huge difference to the lives of up to 25 HIV positive refugees, asylum seekers and victims of trafficking.
If you'd like any more information, please get in touch. 
Best wishes,
Brigstowe team x